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[Edit password is treehouse] I've gone for return prices, as that's normally what I buy. For splitting to be valid, your train must stop at the station at which you are splitting your ticket. You don't actually have to get off, though!

Split tickets of same validity

This table only shows split tickets that are of the same validity as the non-split ticket, so can safely be used on exactly the same trains. Obviously, if you're willing to wait until peak time ends, you can probably get a cheaper ticket than the peak price; please leave an explanation in the Notes column.

JourneySplit atNormal priceSplit priceSavingNotes
Cheltenham - ManchesterWolverhampton£54.60 Saver Return£42.90 Saver Returns21%Obviously, if there's a SuperSaver, get that
Ipswich-London (R)Colchester£62.40 Anytime£49.10 Anytime (x2)~22%Almost every train from Ipswich to London stops at Colchester
Penzance - BristolExeter£54 Saver Return£49.50 Saver Returns8%
Penzance - TauntonPlymouth£42 Saver Return£38 Saver Returns10%
Penzance - ExeterPlymouth£29.50 Saver Return£27.50 Saver Returns7%
Penzance - BirminghamCheltenham£106 Saver Return£76.50 Saver Returns28%
Plymouth - BirminghamCheltenham£84.30 Saver Return£67.50 Saver Returns20%
Exeter – BirminghamBristol£63.90 Saver Return£58.10 Saver Returns9%
Bristol – BirminghamCheltenham£38.10 Saver Return£31.50 Saver Returns17%
Bristol – BirminghamCam and Dursley£38.10 Saver Return£27.70 (£10.20 (two Standard Day Singles) + £17.50 Saver Return)27%Not all trains go to C&D, will have to change at Cheltenham
Plymouth - BristolExeter£41 Saver Return£33.50 Saver Returns18%
Exeter - CheltenhamWeston-super-mare£42.10 Saver Return£34 Saver Returns19%
Taunton - BirminghamCheltenham£53.10 Saver Return£47.90 Saver Returns10%
Taunton - CheltenhamBristol£30.40 Saver Return£29 Saver Returns5%
Bath Spa – BirminghamCheltenham£40.60 Saver Return£34.50 Saver Returns15%
Birmingham - OxfordBanbury£26 Saver Return£17.40 (£9.60 Chiltern Metro, £7.80 Cheap Day Return)33%Off-peak, going for the day only
Birmingham - OxfordBanbury£42 Open Return£19.30 (£11 Chiltern Metro, £8.30 Standard Day Return)54%Peak, going for the day only
York - EdinburghBerwick-upon-Tweed£69.30 Saver Return£65.70 Saver Returns5%
Oxford – BirminghamBanbury£25.90 Saver Return£17.30 (£6 Saver Return + £11.30 )33%£22.30 if you buy Oxford - Coventry instead and go via Solihull, £24.70 if you change at Leamington and get two Singles from there)
Oxford – BirminghamBanbury£51 Anytime Return£9.70 + £15.70 Anytime Returns50%
Oxford – Birmingham NSLeamington Spa£21 Open Single£16.10 (£10.40 Open Single + £5.70 Open Single)23%
Oxford – CoventryLeamington Spa£22.30 Saver Return£19.50 (£13.30 Saver Return + £6.20 (two Standard Day Singles)13%
Oxford – ExeterSwindon£57 Saver Return£46.50 Saver Returns18%
Oxford – StoneBanbury – Leamington Spa – Wolverhampton£87 Open Return£39.90 Day returns (£9.70 Oxford to Banbury, £7.90 Banbury to Leamington Spa, £14.8 Leamington Spa to Wolverhampton, £7.50 Wolverhampton to Stone Off Peak Return)54%This makes a day return. If leaving after 9pm, both the standard and the split ticket would be cheaper
Oxford – TauntonReading,Newbury£128 Standard£73.70 (£18.90 Awaybreak or £20ish singles to Reading, £12.80 singles to Newbury, £42 saver return to Taunton)42%Peak travel only, otherwise get the £44 Saver Return
Oxford – Liverpool Lime StreetBanbury,Wolverhampton£106 Standard (leaving Oxford 7:43am)£69.90 (Oxford to Banbury single £8.70, Banbury to Wolverhampton peak return £27.50, Woverhampton to Liverpool Lime Street off-peak return £28.50, Banbury to Oxford single £4.90)34%Off-peak the normal ticket is much better value
London – NewcastlePeterborough£224 Standard Open£144.90 (£68 Standard Open, £76.90 Saver Return)35%Peak travel only, otherwise get the £95.30 Saver Return direct
Bristol – NottinghamCheltenham£53.10 Saver Return£47.80 Saver Returns10%
Birmingham - ManchesterStoke£29.10 Saver Return£26.50 Saver Returns9%
Reading - BirminghamBanbury£38.20 Saver Return£33.70 (£20.10 Network AwayBreak + £13.60 Saver Return)12%
Oxford – CardiffSwindon£43 Saver Return£23 (£13 Saver Return + 2x£5 Advanced Single)47%Avoid saver returns Swindon-Cardiff: bizarrely expensive
Bournville – CharlburyBirmingham£51£34.20 (£30.40 + 2x£1.90 day single)33%When travelling on peak/off-peak border
Bournville – CharlburyBirmingham£51£28 (split at Banbury, £14 and £14)45%When travelling on peak/off-peak border
Cardiff – ReadingSwindon£50£35.7029%
Cardiff – ReadingSwindon£20/£50£25ish50%The £20 advance tickets go months in advance, but buying separately via Swindon are generally available much closer and don't cost that much more
Preston – NottinghamCrewe + Long Eaton  30%Crewe–Long Eaton (priced as Derby) is very cheap)
ECML–Finsbury Parkstop of KX  £4ishRoute NOT LONDON!
Southampton – LondonSouthampton–Brighton via Clapham Junction302033%Remember the train must stop at Clapham Junction (the ones leaving Southampton & Waterloo near the hour, not the half hour) and you need a CJ to Waterloo ticket too.
Nottingham – LincolnBulwell – Swinderby (– Lincoln)  50% (20%)local Tickets to/from the Robin Hood Line are subsidised; Swinderby is priced as Newark.
Swansea – PontypriddBridgend£13.70 Off-Peak Return£10.50 Off-Peak Return23% 
Birmingham – HullDerby£62.90 Off-Peak Return£13.60/£38.20 off-peak returns18% 
Birmingham – Hull for the dayDerby and Sheffield£62.90 Off-Peak Return£13.60/£8.80/£23.80 = £46.2027% 
Didcot – University (Birmingham)Banbury£80 Peak Return£15.50+£19.10=£34.60 peak returns56.75% saving 

Split tickets of different validity

Edinburgh – OxfordBirmingham NS,Banbury£33.50 Advance Single£27.50 (three individual Advance Singles)20%
Cambridge – Stations on the London Bristol Line inc LondonShort stop on Swindon or Bath£19-60£11-1340-85%You can get an Advanced single to e.g. Swindon for £11.50 via London vs £19 just to London
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